PRGF For Facial Rejuvenation Bromley

Facial Rejuvenation Using PRGF 

PRGF stands for Plasma Rich in Growth Factors and is the revolutionary new method to help rejuvenate and promote anti-ageing for your skin.

This innovative new treatment uses the plasma and platelets from your own body to stimulate cellular growth and healing.

At All Smiles Dental in Bromley, we have used PRGF as part of our dental procedures for treatments including dental implants and bone grafting for patients from Bromley, Croydon, Swanley, Sidcup and beyond. We have witnessed the amazing success that PRGF has had on improving the recovery and healing time. And so, we are now excited to use PRGF as part of our facial aesthetics and beauty offering.

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How Does PRGF Work?

The treatment involves taking a sample of your blood and this will be carried out just like a blood test. The blood is then split – separating out the plasma and platelets. These are the components which are used as part of PRGF (Endoret) treatment. For more information about the plasma rich in growth factors technology developed by BTi, please click here.

The special proteins from your own blood are what your body uses to speed up tissue regeneration and help boost the body’s natural repair system. Via a series of pain injections, the plasma is then inserted into the areas of your face which need rejuvenation.

Treatment produces noticeable effects often in just 24 hours and recovery is minimal.

At All Smiles Dental, we offer a course of PRGF treatment using 3 sessions at a price of £1,200. Our skilled doctors will talk to you more about the process and the benefits of PRGF when you book a complimentary consultation.

Promotion offer for a limited time

3 sessions for £999


With Dr Carolina Vazquez

Benefits Of Using PRGF For Beauty And Facial Aesthetics

There are many benefits to using this exciting new treatment and we urge you to contact us at the surgery for a consultation with our experienced and qualified doctors. Benefits include:

  • PRGF uses the natural properties from your own body to promote rejuvenation and healing. This means the treatment is completely safe there is no chance of a bad reaction and the treatment works with your own body
  • PRGF stimulates the natural production of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin so skin looks firmer
  • Your skin should look more luminous as PRGF increases facial hydration
  • Wrinkles are smoothed out and visibly reduced
  • Anti-ageing qualities are promoted as the skin ageing process is slowed down
  • PRGF helps to repair skin damage and scars
  • Hair growth is stimulated
  • Unlike some other facial treatments, there will be no change to your facial expression
  • Your skin will have a more even and brighter complexion
  • No need for surgery, this process for treating your skin works with your body
  • Fast results – expect to see a noticeable difference within 24 hours of treatment

Benefits Summary


  • Treatment by Dr Carolina Vazquez, who is a qualified specialist in this field
  • Is deemed organic as it uses natural properties from your own body
  • Provides facial luminosity, and repairs skin damage
  • Can help with hair loss 

  • 100% Biocompatible and Safe

  • Fast results

Fee Guide For Facial Rejuvenation and Anti Wrinkle Treatment In Bromley

PRGF for Facial Rejuvenation using U225 Meso Injector

Fee guide

A course of treatment 1 session £480
A course of treatment 3 sessions (promotional offer – limited time) £1,200   £999

Anti-Wrinkle Injectables


1 area £160
2 areas £240
3 areas £300

Dermal Fillers


Restylane 1 syringe 1ml £310
Restylane 1 syringe 2ml £520
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