A loss of bone density no longer needs to exclude patients from dental implants treatments. All Smiles Dental Care in Kent offers a wide range of implant-based treatments that can be tailored to suit each patient’s individual needs. This includes options for those who are currently lacking in adequate bone density to support dental implants.

Why bone loss happens

Think about tooth loss and most people will instantly picture dentures. Perhaps your grandma had a set that were always falling out, causing you much amusement as a child, or perhaps your yourself are facing a daily battle with your loose-fitting denture as you find it increasingly difficult to eat anything but soft food or soup.

Problems with eating, speaking, and with dentures slipping or falling out entirely are well-documented and well-known. A lesser-known but extremely common tooth loss issue is a loss of density in the jaw bone, which is what causes standard dentures to lose their fit.

The jaw bone starts to resorb when the tooth roots are missing. Because dental implants are artificial tooth roots that are made from titanium, they prevent bone loss, and encourage the growth of new bone material.

Dental implants after bone loss

At our Kent dental practice we are eager to point out that a lack of bone density is no longer necessarily a barrier to treatment with dental implants – even if your own dentist has told you otherwise.

You can ask to be referred to All Smiles Dental Care in Kent for a second option, or you can refer yourself. After a clinical examination including x-rays and CT scans to check your level of bone density, your Kent dentist may recommend a bone graft or a sinus lift.

Both of these procedures involve using donor bone – usually from elsewhere in your mouth – to rebuild the level of your jaw bone prior to the placement of dental implants. Whilst this will add some time on to the overall length of your treatment, it will enable you to enjoy all the benefits of dental implants for many years to come.

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