Looking for a dentist? Choose All Smiles Dental

Looking for a dentist? Choose All Smiles Dental

Are you looking for a dentist in Bromley? Do you want to benefit from a highly experienced team, with a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of dentistry? Well, All Smiles Dental could be just what you need. With us, you can smile with confidence.

I am nervous of the dentist, can you help?

Dentist in BromleyAt our practice we want to make you feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible, which is why we offer intravenous sedation. Our dedicated in-house anaesthetist, Molly, will sedate you safely and effectively, leaving your dentist in Bromley to concentrate purely on treating you.

We understand that the most common reason for putting off visiting the dentist is fear. Some people choose to put up with unnecessary pain and discomfort for months until it becomes unbearable because of this fear. An easily remedied dental problem can then become more difficult and costly to treat. We are here to help take away your dental fears, so you don’t have to bear the burden of dental pain or discomfort for any longer than is necessary.

Dr Ashish Deved

Dr Deved is our principal dentist and implant surgeon. He qualified in 1994 and gained membership of the faculty of dental surgery in 1997. Dr Deved pursued further studies, not just dentistry but medicine too! He graduated as a medical doctor in 2002. He is one of only 20 dentists in the whole country who are trained to this level.

He has also completed a comprehensive course in cosmetic dentistry and has successfully became a qualified dental implant surgeon. To keep up with his medical practice, he works regularly at the A&E Department of St Helier Hospital in Sutton.

As your dentist in Bromley, he can offer teeth whitening for a sparkling smile, invisible braces to straighten crooked teeth, dental implants to fill gaps and even white fillings and porcelain veneers to enhance your smile.

As Dr Deved is also a medical doctor, he can understand patients’ complex medical histories from a more comprehensive standpoint. With so few dentists who are also medical doctors, its well worth choosing Dr Deved as your dentist in Bromley.

Fear of the dentist

Fear of the dentist

Fear of the dentist is the main reason patients put off seeking treatment they may desperately need. It can be crippling, and can prevent you getting the help you need when a problem arises, as well as stopping you from preventing those problems arising at all.

Our team at All Smiles Dental is committed to treating nervous patients in Bromley with care, respect and dignity. We will always listen to your concerns and take them seriously. We will never be judgmental if your dental health is less than perfect because you’ve been afraid to seek treatment for a long time. For our nervous patients in Bromley, we can offer an IV sedation.

nervous-patients-in-BromleyAdvantages of IV sedation in Bromley?

IV sedation is the method of choice if you do not want to be aware of the procedure. The onset of sedation is rapid and drug dosage and level of sedation can be tailored to meet the individual’s needs. This is a huge advantage compared to oral sedation, where the effects can be very unreliable. The maximum level of sedation that can be reached with IV is deeper than with oral or inhalation sedation. This makes IV sedation a highly effective and highly reliable solution for nervous patients in Bromley.

If dentistry makes you feel sick, IV sedation could also be the answer as the ‘gag’ reflex is hugely diminished. Patients receiving IV sedation rarely experience difficulties with gagging.

Unlike general anesthetic or deep sedation, conscious IV sedation in Bromley doesn’t introduce any compromises in terms of carrying out the actual procedure. This is because people are conscious, they can cooperate with instructions and there is no airway tube involved.

Sedation at All Smiles Dental

At All Smiles Dental, we have a resident anesthetist, Dr. Mano. He is also our Resuscitation Officer and undergoes all our CPR training. You can rest assured that Dr. Mano will sedate patients within safety guidelines. In the very unlikely event of an emergency, All Smiles Dental benefits from full resuscitation facilities, so that every one of our nervous patients in Bromley can be happy that they are in safe hands.

What is ‘The Wand’?

What is ‘The Wand’?

Have you been putting off going to see the dentist because of fear? Do you want to overcome this fear and benefit from the peace of mind of having healthy teeth? Well, we can help you! We welcome everyone, including any nervous patients, in Bromley. Our practice is full of staff who care and we try and do everything to ensure that you have a positive experience with us at All Smiles Dental Care. If it is the ‘sting’ of that needle administering the anaesthetic that puts you off, then you will be excited to hear about a new treatment called ‘The Wand’. It is now used to give a gentle dose of anaesthetic to numb your gums before the treatment. Nervous patients in Bromley can feel at ease; we are here when you are ready for your next check-up. Be assured that no work will be done at this stage. If the dentist finds any work that needs doing, they will create a treatment plan and explain the steps to you. So, don’t put off getting your precious teeth checked and risk your health! If a check-up is what you need then know that you will be supported all the way with us.

nervous-patients-in-BromleyI am a nervous patient, what can you recommend?

Firstly, know that there is no reason to be ashamed if you have been hiding your fear of the dentist. So many adults have this common fear. Perhaps it is the smell or the noise that brings back bad memories of pain? Well, whatever the reason why you are a nervous patient in Bromley, our fantastic team will help you realise that dentistry has changed for the better. If you are unsure, why not come and visit us and voice your concerns and get a feel for the practice? Be assured that your happiness is our priority, if you want to bring some headphones to listen to your favourite music then do. Bringing along a friend of family member to be with you is also a good option for nervous patients. You can find our address, contact number and details of further treatments on your website: allsmilesdental.co.uk

Nervous Patients & The Wand

Nervous Patients & The Wand

Does the thought of visiting the dentist fill you with fear? Dental phobia and fear of the dentist are very common – in fact, fear is the main reason cited by patients in the UK for putting off having dental treatment.

Dental phobiaThis can become a vicious circle as patients delay visiting until a condition becomes unbearable, often with severe pain, which reinforces the concept that visiting the dentist is a negative experience (even though it’s the dentist who gets you out of pain!). But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Modern advances in dentistry mean that most treatments are practically pain-. However, we understand that there are a myriad reasons that people are frightened of the dentist. These include fear of needles, bad experiences in the past, fears of the sounds and smells of the practice. . . The list goes on.

Whatever the cause of your fear, we can help you to get the treatment you want and need, and even if you’ve avoided dental surgeries for many years, we can help you back to full dental health.

We offer treatment under sedation for phobic and nervous patients. Our resident anaesthetist, is Molly Hedley, who is also Chief Resuscitation Officer for Kings College Healthcare Trust. She will sedate you within safe guidelines, using intravenous sedation. That way, you can get the treatment you require without being aware of it, feeling no pain and remembering little of the treatment afterwards.

For patients who are afraid of the needles used to deliver local anaesthetic, we have an excellent solution. All of our local anaesthesia is delivered via The Wand, which provides a steady, controlled flow of anaesthetic and vibrates to minimise the bee sting effect often associated with dental injections.

No matter what the cause of your fear of the dentist, we will do everything possible to reassure you and treat you in a relaxed, calm and safe environment.


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