Dental Implants Bromley

Dental Implants in Bromley

Having one or more teeth missing will advance the deterioration of your remaining teeth. It will also make you appear older than you really are, since bone loss makes your face look sunken and worn-out.

In addition to premature ageing, tooth and bone loss may also lead to general health and mental problems. Having ill-fitting dentures can also prompt gradual bone loss. If you have unstable dentures or missing teeth, All Smiles Dental Care will help you restore the normal function, comfort and aesthetics of your teeth and jaw.

All Smiles Dental Care provides dental implants for Bromley patients who have lost multiple or all of their teeth, and those who would like to replace their existing dentures with a better solution. Here are your options.

Implant dentistry is the safest solution to prevent gradual tooth and bone loss. Our dedicated team will strive to restore your smile so you can bite, chew and laugh with confidence. A few weeks after the procedure, your implants will stimulate the remaining alveolar bone and blood vessels to grow and mesh around the artificial tooth root, in a process called osseointegration.

All On 4 Dental Implants Kent

Same Day Teeth

When the implant teeth are placed on the artificial roots, your teeth and jaw will start to function normally so you can eat, chew and bite firmly and confidently.

Say goodbye to loose dentures and soft food! Contact All Smiles Dental Implant Centre in Bromley today.

All Smiles Dental offers PAINLESS dental implant solutions to clients from all around Bromley, Orpington, Croydon, West Wickham & Kent.

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Before And After Same Day Teeth Treatment

Same Day Teeth Bromley Case 1
Same Day Teeth Bromley Case 1
Same Day Teeth Bromley Case 1
Same Day Teeth Bromley Case 1
Same Day Teeth Bromley Case 1
Same Day Teeth Bromley Case 1
Same Day Teeth Bromley Case 1
Same Day Teeth Bromley Case 1
Same Day Teeth Bromley Case 1
Same Day Teeth Bromley Case 1

Dental Treatments for Missing Teeth

Dental Implants


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Why Choose Us

  • Dr Ash is also a fully qualified medical doctor (1 of only 20 other dentists in the country)
  • 5 year guarantee on dental implants
  • Late evening & Saturday appointments
  • Flexible finance plans to help with treatment fees
  • Dental practice on the High Street
  • IV sedation available for nervous patients
  • Dedicated and committed team

Patient Reviews

Dr Ash is the practitioner who other dentists visit to learn from. He also has a superb team backing him who are totally professional yet never lose the human touch. You will become their friends who are totally dedicated to getting your teeth in shape…If you are thinking of having this treatment you can have absolute confidence in the brilliant All Smiles team Martin

All on four (same Day Teeth)

Fee Guide For Dental Implants Treatment

Dental Implant Price Guide


Dental Implant From £1500
Crown Supported by an Implant From £800
Bone Grafting procedure around the implant From £295
Sinus Lift From £700
Consultation Inc CT Scan £140
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