Fear of the dentist is the main reason patients put off seeking treatment they may desperately need. It can be crippling, and can prevent you getting the help you need when a problem arises, as well as stopping you from preventing those problems arising at all.

Our team at All Smiles Dental is committed to treating nervous patients in Bromley with care, respect and dignity. We will always listen to your concerns and take them seriously. We will never be judgmental if your dental health is less than perfect because you’ve been afraid to seek treatment for a long time. For our nervous patients in Bromley, we can offer an IV sedation.

nervous-patients-in-BromleyAdvantages of IV sedation in Bromley?

IV sedation is the method of choice if you do not want to be aware of the procedure. The onset of sedation is rapid and drug dosage and level of sedation can be tailored to meet the individual’s needs. This is a huge advantage compared to oral sedation, where the effects can be very unreliable. The maximum level of sedation that can be reached with IV is deeper than with oral or inhalation sedation. This makes IV sedation a highly effective and highly reliable solution for nervous patients in Bromley.

If dentistry makes you feel sick, IV sedation could also be the answer as the ‘gag’ reflex is hugely diminished. Patients receiving IV sedation rarely experience difficulties with gagging.

Unlike general anesthetic or deep sedation, conscious IV sedation in Bromley doesn’t introduce any compromises in terms of carrying out the actual procedure. This is because people are conscious, they can cooperate with instructions and there is no airway tube involved.

Sedation at All Smiles Dental

At All Smiles Dental, we have a resident anesthetist, Dr. Mano. He is also our Resuscitation Officer and undergoes all our CPR training. You can rest assured that Dr. Mano will sedate patients within safety guidelines. In the very unlikely event of an emergency, All Smiles Dental benefits from full resuscitation facilities, so that every one of our nervous patients in Bromley can be happy that they are in safe hands.

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