At All Smiles Dental, we are always ready to welcome new patients to our friendly practice. Based conveniently on the High Street, this dentist in Bromley has something not many other practices can offer.

Meet our principal dentist, Dr Ashish Deved. Dr Deved is really rather special. That’s because he is one of only 20 dentists in the UK who is a medical doctor as well as dentist. If you want to feel like you are in really safe hands when you visit the dentist in Bromley, then Dr Deved is the man for you.

Dentist in BromleyComprehensive care with Dr Deved

As Dr Deved is a doctor as well as dentist, when you come to him, you know he will be able to set your oral health into the context of your bodily health. Everything is connected and there is increasing evidence that what goes on in our mouths can greatly affect the rest of the body.

It makes sense really. After all the mouth is the gateway to the digestive system and it is from the gut that nutrients and whatever passes through our mouths, is distributed.

So, thinking about health holistically, it makes sense that if our oral health is below par, it could be affecting us elsewhere too. For example, gum disease if not treated, can lead to heart disease and lung infections. Conversely, if you have diabetes, it increases your chances of gum disease.

Snoring is another issue that can be helped by having a dentist and a doctor look into it. Dentists can often help stop snoring, if it’s a simple matter of the partially closed airways vibrating while you sleep. But snoring can also be a symptom of more worrying conditions, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease and diabetes. Dr Deved’s medical qualifications may make it more likely that he will spot when snoring is more serious than just keeping your spouse awake at night.

Dr Deved’s main area of interest is dental implantology, which involves minor oral surgery. It’s good to know that when you come to All Smiles Dental for dental implants, this surgery is being carried out by a dentist who is also a doctor.

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