Here at All Smiles Dental, we understand that being a dentist in Bromley means helping patients with more than just teeth and gums. As well as being the first processing place for food, our mouths are the gateways to our stomachs and our lungs.

That’s why it’s good for a dentist in Bromley to be able to help their patients deal with other problems that may stem from their stomach and lungs, but have an effect on their mouths.

One of the biggest is smoking. Smoking has a terrible effect on the teeth and soft tissues of the mouth.

Dentist in BromleyGum disease

Did you know that smoking increases your chances of severe gum disease by 2.5–3.5 times? Gum disease doesn’t just affect your gums, it affects the bone around the gums and is measured by how much is lost. The 3 bacteria found in gum disease are all present in higher amounts if you smoke because smoking reduces the body’s ability to deal with them. You may not be aware that you have gum disease because smoking restricts the amount of blood flowing to the face and so reduces inflammation. Giving up tobacco is a good start, but nicotine is one of the main culprits in creating gum disease, so you need to come off all nicotine replacement therapies to really get the health of your gums back.

Dental implants

Dentists don’t like giving smokers dental implants because they know that smokers are about twice as likely to experience implant failure than non-smokers. Not being able to have implants means your jawbone will degenerate where there are no teeth.

Oral cancer

Smokers are much more at risk of oral cancer, and even more so if they drink a lot as well as smoke heavily.

Other horrible effects

Smoking can give you brown spots inside the mouth, lumps and bumps from overheating salivary glands, a ‘hairy tongue’ caused by the overgrowth of little papillae, which tobacco tends to turn brown or black, and, of course, bad breath.

We can help

The pharmacist at our dentist in Bromley, Nina Deved, is trained in smoking cessation and can offer a variety of replacement therapies to help you over the worst of withdrawal.

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