Have you been putting off going to see the dentist because of fear? Do you want to overcome this fear and benefit from the peace of mind of having healthy teeth? Well, we can help you! We welcome everyone, including any nervous patients, in Bromley. Our practice is full of staff who care and we try and do everything to ensure that you have a positive experience with us at All Smiles Dental Care. If it is the ‘sting’ of that needle administering the anaesthetic that puts you off, then you will be excited to hear about a new treatment called ‘The Wand’. It is now used to give a gentle dose of anaesthetic to numb your gums before the treatment. Nervous patients in Bromley can feel at ease; we are here when you are ready for your next check-up. Be assured that no work will be done at this stage. If the dentist finds any work that needs doing, they will create a treatment plan and explain the steps to you. So, don’t put off getting your precious teeth checked and risk your health! If a check-up is what you need then know that you will be supported all the way with us.

nervous-patients-in-BromleyI am a nervous patient, what can you recommend?

Firstly, know that there is no reason to be ashamed if you have been hiding your fear of the dentist. So many adults have this common fear. Perhaps it is the smell or the noise that brings back bad memories of pain? Well, whatever the reason why you are a nervous patient in Bromley, our fantastic team will help you realise that dentistry has changed for the better. If you are unsure, why not come and visit us and voice your concerns and get a feel for the practice? Be assured that your happiness is our priority, if you want to bring some headphones to listen to your favourite music then do. Bringing along a friend of family member to be with you is also a good option for nervous patients. You can find our address, contact number and details of further treatments on your website: allsmilesdental.co.uk

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